Hit The Target, Win $300,000

If they miss the shot, the prize goes up by $10,000
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The reason the title says $300,000 instead of $200,000 is because I didn’t want to spoil when the video ended! I didn’t want people to actually know what the last shot was haha


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      Omni Gogeta

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      Go karl

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      Ok And Your comment is a Lie

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    Rishi Rajput

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    Love you from india

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    I swear the brief case company they order the brief cases from are making more money than Jimmy XD

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    Mr. Beast can you pls give me some help to buy medicine for my mom...

  8. tright the dino

    tright the dino

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    Honey great

  9. World Travel Nerd

    World Travel Nerd

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    I laughed so hard when he missed the pin for 10k making it a even million on bowling he's lost. I also felt that pain 😅

  10. Onnie Tapic

    Onnie Tapic

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    I felt bad for the Bounty Hunter i bet hes for real sad

  11. Tali S

    Tali S

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    If i can’t throw my beast burger then what’s the point

  12. Tali S

    Tali S

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    Karl really pulled through he should have one all the ones he demonstrated

  13. Camac


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    Where’s Chantler

  14. Cool Crunchworks

    Cool Crunchworks

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    His team got all that money

  15. Damshadi Amaya

    Damshadi Amaya

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    Stay safe....take care...love from 🇱🇰

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    august detera

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    mr beast hits god omg😱😱😱

  17. Ainor Khaliq

    Ainor Khaliq

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    Luckily u didn't get dude perfect or that's amazing

  18. Нормальный ник

    Нормальный ник

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    Печаль, беда

  19. rick stevens

    rick stevens

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    does anyone actually believe this person, whoever he is, is giving away anything? you don't actually believe that...

  20. Raja A

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    I'm your subscriber from India 😊😊😊😊😊 I'm an iPhone lover but I can't get any one . Can you buy me a new iphone ☹️☹️

  21. John Doe

    John Doe

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    Are the beast burgers in puerto rico

  22. Anderson Gowkarran

    Anderson Gowkarran

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    The thing that maches mrbeast and the squad is that he is at 69 mil

  23. Try to ParkerYT 😔

    Try to ParkerYT 😔

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    Mr beast shot itttttt

  24. Emmanuel CR vídeos 😂

    Emmanuel CR vídeos 😂

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    My favorite canal ❤❤

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  26. ImsaladhairX


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  27. Juian Emmanuel Torralba

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    I love your videos

  28. Juian Emmanuel Torralba

    Juian Emmanuel Torralba

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    Omg i this real

  29. Juian Emmanuel Torralba

    Juian Emmanuel Torralba

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  30. Fighting And games

    Fighting And games

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    The dude won and the others destroyed him I died

  31. billyboytryhard


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    Sign up Karl for dude perfect

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  33. The Cubing Master

    The Cubing Master

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    watch The Cubing Master



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    Hey Mr Beast rather "mr best" really I love your videos. They are just so amazing and you are a great example of philanthropist to all the millionaires. Hats off! Btw I have my channel too

  35. Anita Huysken

    Anita Huysken

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  36. KING DJC


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    have y’all noticed nun of them hit the target except for 3 of them 😂

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    hamza butt

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  38. Mayo


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    *M o n e y*

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    stay curious

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    Let me do that man😢

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    Moldy Cheeto505

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    Beast burger isn't in Wisconsin? Dangit

  42. Jalal Elarid

    Jalal Elarid

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    Jimmy do you play baseball god damn

  43. Brian koz

    Brian koz

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  44. Alhashar Ali

    Alhashar Ali

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    oml it got in the ball lol



    Acum o Zi

    you meant 5

  46. Jaya Drew

    Jaya Drew

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    Mr. Beast: u got 3 seconds what u gotcha say? the guy was too shocked to speak. lol

  47. Astrø JB

    Astrø JB

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    Mr beast plz give me an iPhone plz

  48. Joynal Abedin

    Joynal Abedin

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    Sorry that's kinemaster

  49. sandeep


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    I think Money 💵 is Duplete

  50. noah mae ojascastro

    noah mae ojascastro

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    i feel so bad for noland cuse he lost a hundred grand and karl

  51. Tania Cherry

    Tania Cherry

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    Richard's YT

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    Awesome lol

  56. Percy Chinkuli

    Percy Chinkuli

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    Midorima can make all of those

  57. ICkomodo07


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    I love how Carl and Jimmy got every shot without trying

    • Xpersivo.R


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      Karl goddammit If Karl saw this he will be disappointed

    • Mia Grace

      Mia Grace

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      karl* :)

  58. P O G C H A M P S O L D I E R

    P O G C H A M P S O L D I E R

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    "I don't see no spaghetti" has got to be the greatest burn THE ONLY burn i heard from any Mrbeast videos



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    i love you so much jimmy u make me happy when im sad

  60. Luigi Kiocho

    Luigi Kiocho

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    The long-term blanket beverly chew because beast critically excuse before a sloppy pentagon. well-to-do, pathetic hubcap

  61. ArcadeBoyKing


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  62. mrbong123


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    You should of collabed with dude perfect for this



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  64. vincent lebrias

    vincent lebrias

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    Love Karl

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    Peter Fielding

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    perfect basket

  66. luis villegas

    luis villegas

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    Hi, I hope you are fine I love your channel and I hope you are in good health and everything greetings from Peru 🇵🇪 can you give me a motorcycle? : c

  67. The Ink Drinkers

    The Ink Drinkers

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    wheres chandler?

  68. c:


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    This is why mr.beast doesn't play challenges

  69. Poggers Ye

    Poggers Ye

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    b-but it says 300k?

  70. play Soheele

    play Soheele

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    Acá aprendo inglés XD

  71. Andrew McCune

    Andrew McCune

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    1:45 uhhhh ok??

  72. Noa Van Nieuwkerk

    Noa Van Nieuwkerk

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    R.I.P Chris last words: ahhbeahhhh yeah.

  73. Cheman Tamang

    Cheman Tamang

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    Lol last one was easiest with 5 chances

  74. It’s dearly here

    It’s dearly here

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    Hi yeah my dude or bro. I love your videos.bye yeah pick me for the car.bye yeah.

  75. TEXOX


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    Just change your name to mr.perfects lol

  76. Aditya Raj,s creations

    Aditya Raj,s creations

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    Funfact: you are reading funfact

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    Thomas Dry

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    Hi ur amazing keep up the good work

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    not hecker

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    you my favorite youtuber you always will be

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    Jus Rus

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    I was gonna get mr beast Burger but I got a coved test and the Lady said we can’t go trough drive-troughs

  80. Evan Bartman

    Evan Bartman

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    awesome homerun and basketball shot you awesome .

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    José Hernández

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    Nuevo suscriptor 🔊🥺

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    Yo Mr beast I am your biggest fan 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂,😍😍😍😍😍

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    Gave this all money to all poor people 💓😊😊😊

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    jacob singer

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    Come on man just gimme 1k 😭😭😭😭that'd be enough for me

  86. jacob singer

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    Sebastian Toh

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    Eat a 6000000$ cake

  88. Crisha Sosing

    Crisha Sosing

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  89. Oliver Lidstone

    Oliver Lidstone

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    It’s so funny that Jimmy Chris and Karl are making every trick shot while the contestants can’t make any



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    Love from India

  91. Aziz AL-Emadi Gaming

    Aziz AL-Emadi Gaming

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    I need 10000$

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    Jimmy is great at basketball

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    Arnav Aggarwal

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    Is your chef a millionaire

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    If jimmy competed in mr beast chalenge he will win ewry singel one

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    Bro I want mr beast burger in india BTW Love you bro!!

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    Can I be in one of your giveaways plz

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