I Gave $20,000 To Random Homeless People

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  1. MrBeast


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    I really tried my best to use the money to impact the most lives I could. If you have any other suggestions, reply with them! I really like helping people and I love that this channel allows me to :D

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      codex uplink

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      Good on you!

    • Mr. Indian scientists

      Mr. Indian scientists

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      Give me mac book I'm kidding 🤣🤣🤣

    • Ewi


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      MrBeast my dad

    • Eunice Lawson

      Eunice Lawson

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      I love u

    • AntPlayzGaming


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      beast ur da best bro u know that if u agree reply to me

  2. Deadly _Aleksa

    Deadly _Aleksa

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    i dont give a fuck about sponsors i mean they help and i dont have anything aggainst them

  3. Charlyn Rosales

    Charlyn Rosales

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    Please help me my name is Clyde Rosales from the Philippines I don't have a house thank you

  4. KidFuryBeysZ


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    This guy will end world hunger

  5. Ricardo Balderas

    Ricardo Balderas

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    I want 10,000 $$$

  6. Natasha Maye Nermal

    Natasha Maye Nermal

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    Great job bro thats very helpful 🤗

  7. Rad Rem

    Rad Rem

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    Y is this on recommended

  8. Roggy


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    You're BEST

  9. Pharoho gaming

    Pharoho gaming

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    Hi MB

  10. CJ Breig

    CJ Breig

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    Mr Beast is dad!!!

  11. Sobia Iram

    Sobia Iram

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    Super duper expensive

  12. drabya


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    You should buy that mall which kicked you out.



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    3 years

  14. ISpeakTerpanese 420

    ISpeakTerpanese 420

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    Mr beast is the best

  15. ISpeakTerpanese 420

    ISpeakTerpanese 420

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    What an amazing guy!

  16. Murun Tegshbayar

    Murun Tegshbayar

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    I think jimmy has a infinite pocket

  17. KRANZ


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    Tide lang malakas hwhahhaa

  18. Jordin Porter

    Jordin Porter

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  19. Salvatore Farina

    Salvatore Farina

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    Mr beast then giving 20'000$ to a homeless man now giving 1m dollars to a homeless man

  20. Ben Lim

    Ben Lim

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    Beautiful, utterly Beautiful

  21. dragon_wed _chan

    dragon_wed _chan

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    Your life is good, mine is bad. My

  22. dragon_wed _chan

    dragon_wed _chan

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    A table that folds.

  23. Brenna Malone

    Brenna Malone

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    MrBeast is such an amazing person with a bright and generous heart. Every time I see him help others in need selflessly I feel a surge of joy in my heart because I know that there are people out there doing good.

  24. Drake Shotwell

    Drake Shotwell

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    Yes it is the 3 years later and it still my recommended

  25. Alex Magana

    Alex Magana

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    Idc if you use a sponser

  26. Ray McBride

    Ray McBride

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    He is a good washer

  27. Julianna Richardson

    Julianna Richardson

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    i care you sponsers :)

  28. Dragoș Roman

    Dragoș Roman

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  29. Dragoș Roman

    Dragoș Roman

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    Yea kivi

  30. Nunya Business

    Nunya Business

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    Please include sponsors, they help fund your crazy projects

  31. J.Ashish Loveson

    J.Ashish Loveson

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    Sir I'm in India.Due to Covid 19 my family financial status was very poor.can you help me sir

  32. Chau_ Support

    Chau_ Support

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    U is a very gud person i dont know how to talk it but u is a gud and friendly person MrBeast :D

  33. David Cardona

    David Cardona

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    Using a sponcer to any giveaway and help to any person or homeless Shelter only helps you give more i for one as a sub would only wish to give to my local two shelters and church that have helped the port charlotte fl community so if you need to use a sponcer you do what your heart tells you to do as your doing just what god says to do give from your heart

  34. Abdul basit

    Abdul basit

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    Love you brother

  35. Joseph Pachev

    Joseph Pachev

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    Yes ,use sponsors

  36. Penny Hunsberger

    Penny Hunsberger

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    You can sponsor it fine man

  37. Sharae McIntyre

    Sharae McIntyre

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    Chris is funny

  38. Hayley Craill

    Hayley Craill

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    This is amazing, what you are doing. Keep it up Jimmy, and the me beast team! This is great!

  39. Rolando moreno

    Rolando moreno

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    U are a good guy I wish that I can be in your challenge.

  40. Laurence mar De asis

    Laurence mar De asis

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    2021 april 20, 3:06AM

  41. Enzo Felipe

    Enzo Felipe

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    Se fosse no Brasil reclamariam que ele doou mais pra homens do que mulheres em situação de rua

  42. Kimiesha Lee

    Kimiesha Lee

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    Can I get a shot out

  43. paige plays

    paige plays

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    Woah 3 years ago boi I am late

  44. Cihangir Kirlioglu

    Cihangir Kirlioglu

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    you are the bst your giving free monet

  45. CJ Fernandes

    CJ Fernandes

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    Chris is a GREAT Washer!!! Your Welcome Chris

  46. Glxnei


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    Who remembers watching this 3 yrs ago???

  47. Rhean Erich Fiedacan

    Rhean Erich Fiedacan

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    Mr beast is Awesome

  48. SPYT ML


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    The nicest man 🥰

  49. Tirupati


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    Love from India bro😋😋😋😎

  50. alexis deocampo

    alexis deocampo

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    you are so bobo

  51. Sum One

    Sum One

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    No, clue why this came on my feed. But, how about our vets?

  52. Artessia Gundlach

    Artessia Gundlach

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    I don't usely almost cry but this just wow

  53. A R C H I E

    A R C H I E

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    Anyone in US: 😃😁😁😁 Anyone in different countries: 😢😢😢

  54. JohnnyLight


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    I felt the ex-boss from here. How Chris said hey to his friend and his boss never even blinked an eye was insane!

  55. Anderson Siharath

    Anderson Siharath

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  56. Sarun Chetharattanak 3k

    Sarun Chetharattanak 3k

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    Chase is a handsome laundry but Mr beast is more handsome

  57. Jordan Reid

    Jordan Reid

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    He definitely sold those gift cards for crack money

  58. Jay Grindrod

    Jay Grindrod

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    Hi I love your vids

  59. John Paul

    John Paul

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    Vecbud zink on telegram is the best vendor ever

  60. Gerald Ford

    Gerald Ford

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    god job MR beast

  61. Haha


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    Is that Best Buy worker Jake? 😂

  62. Jess M

    Jess M

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    Mr. beast you are a good ROfilmr

  63. Briana Carter

    Briana Carter

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    This is so kind to do



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    Yes use sponsors

  65. Shureese Kyse

    Shureese Kyse

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    Hey I bet mr beast can't help me fix my dads house lmao

  66. Mechanczi


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    Good work

  67. CARPO UK


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    Your a good man.. Fair play to ya bro

  68. Juju Jutiah

    Juju Jutiah

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    1:29 wow new machine

  69. Teee0


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    1:47 corona time 🧻

  70. Aron Jensen

    Aron Jensen

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    This made me tear

  71. 6-1 Тамир.Т

    6-1 Тамир.Т

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    good job

  72. Shreya Singh

    Shreya Singh

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    Legends watching in 2021😮😀

  73. ivon 97

    ivon 97

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    The amount of generosity you have is unbelievable

  74. Ñàmáñ Shãrmä

    Ñàmáñ Shãrmä

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    Recommended after 3 years ?

  75. Darlene Barkat

    Darlene Barkat

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    Mr. beast what are you getting the stuff off

  76. Darlene Barkat

    Darlene Barkat

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    Least what are you getting that for

    • Darlene Barkat

      Darlene Barkat

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      Mr. beast what are you getting the stuff for

  77. Plush Trap

    Plush Trap

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    Chris is good washer lol 😅😅

  78. Thirasha Ranawaka

    Thirasha Ranawaka

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    That is good work bro...

  79. Oo oo

    Oo oo

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    u change they life

  80. Miylani Leilani Sharp

    Miylani Leilani Sharp

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    Cool cool

  81. Anderson Block

    Anderson Block

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    Mr beast you are good to the poor

  82. ꧁ANJALA ꧂

    ꧁ANJALA ꧂

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    I love u

  83. Deku Midoriya

    Deku Midoriya

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  84. Pasque man

    Pasque man

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    What else was 399?

  85. Vikrant Vaviya

    Vikrant Vaviya

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    Thanks dear 😘😘😘😘😘 you have any questions or concerns please visit the plug-in settings

  86. Anthony oquendo

    Anthony oquendo

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    Helping theose in need who actually need the help I'd awesome, most people choose to be bums and do nothing with themselves.

  87. song burer

    song burer

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    Can you send me 10,00000 dollars

  88. The Tola Show.

    The Tola Show.

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    Well done jimmy but em us sponsorship well done again jimmy

  89. Casper Grit

    Casper Grit

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    I don’t care if there ID a sponser

  90. Skyra Starr

    Skyra Starr

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    Use sponsors. Screw the haters



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    If u r homeless then buy a house From mrbeast 😂😂😂

  92. Jayden Medina

    Jayden Medina

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    I liked and subscribe and hit that bell.

  93. Jane Rein

    Jane Rein

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    Subscribe to zavier shar

    • Nolan Clark

      Nolan Clark

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      Shut up

  94. luca fresh

    luca fresh

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    Helping others is one of The most fulfilling and joyous feeling to me.

  95. Prakash Gurung

    Prakash Gurung

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    Tats so kind

  96. Popular Song Lover Amante de la Canción Popular

    Popular Song Lover Amante de la Canción Popular

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    I don't think it's the sponsor, it's the fact that you talk about the sponsor, MrBeast6000

  97. Morgan Howell

    Morgan Howell

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    You are amazing! Thank you for the blessings you have gave to these people.

  98. bob grubbs

    bob grubbs

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    can i tell you my corner in orlando

  99. Laura C

    Laura C

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    OH dudes you should of bought allergy free detergent

  100. Jameson Hughes

    Jameson Hughes

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    This is actually very sweet😪